About Us

Who we are

Karedise Christian Youth Center is a non-profit organization in its infancy stage. It was established in Jun, 2017 as my wife and I saw the need for a youth center where teens could hang out, have fun in a safe environment, and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are staffed by adult volunteer leaders, and an organizational board.

Pray for us

Our team is in need of your payer as we witness to the youths of all faiths. We are also in need of your financial gifts as our place is getting too small for the things we offer.


Your generosity makes our work possible.

Donate today and feel great about building a promising future for Brevard County youths.
There are two easy ways to make a tax-deductible gift:

  • Give online.
  • Mail your check to Karedise Christian Youth Center, 1402 Norman Street, NE, Palm Bay, FL 32907. 

Thank you so much!